Karran Gloer is a freelance Interior Design Consultant and Writer, and the Creator of Lipstick And A Pig. She owned and operated Karran Designs, Inc., offering full service interior design consulting services for three years. Her past life includes being a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, and several positions in the mortgage and banking industry. She attended Vanguard School of Interior Design and studied psychology and art in college. A lifelong style lover, inquisitive explorer, and obsessive creator, it was only a matter of time before Karran developed her own brand of style.

Lipstick and a Pig celebrates the art of transformation! Think of it as metaphors for Love and Life...Throw a little love at your pig. The brand is based on these core values: Sustain, Repurpose, Recycle, Reclaim, Naturalize, Refresh, Personalize, Motivate, Envision, Relax, Inspire, Simplify


Life is too short not to love your surroundings. Style, like beauty, comes from within. You cannot buy style, you express it and you create it. It is the essence of our being: subjective, objective, and completely freeing. Style defines how you feel about every facet of your life. Style is inspired by all the things around us- family, friends, beauty, and nature. Style is not only physical but it encompasses all of our characteristics- it’s our attitude and how we feel about our lives. Style is your expression of yourself. Be stylish. Be creative. Be confident. Be mindful. Feel Good. Love your pig!